Virtual Masterclass with Michelle Cann

Friday, May 7, 6-8pm

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Open to: Any student studying at a school in the Central New York Humanities Corridor (Syracuse University, Cornell University, University of Rochester, Le Moyne College, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Schools of the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium: Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St. Lawrence University, Union College)


How to apply: Submit an application via the Google form, including a link (via YouTube or other streaming service) to a video recording containing the following elements.

  • a short introduction that includes your name, institution where you study, and the works you will play

  • a free-choice work or set of works (any repertoire you may want to perform in the masterclass)

  • a work of any length from a composer in the suggested list attached. Separate movements and single pieces, as well as sets within collections are acceptable. Suggested works are listed for reference.

  • Note: ideal length of one of the works should be approximately 6-10 minutes.

Application deadline: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 @ 6pm

Selection and Feedback: The two-hour masterclass will be limited to four students. We will base the selection on the quality of the received materials, as well as balance of repertoire and institutions represented. Students and their teachers will be notified via email whether they have been selected in the week following the application. Any student who submits a full application has the possibility of receiving comments and feedback on their video, if they make note of this in their application. We offer this in the spirit of giving more opportunities for musicians to explore this rarely performed repertoire, in keeping with the mission of ONEcomposer initiative.


Selected students will only play one of their musical selections, to be determined in coordination with Ms. Cann.


Contact for inquiries: Andrew Zhou, az267 at


We look forward to hearing you!

Click the PDF icon to download the list of suggested works.

Made possible by a grant from the Central New York Humanities

Corridor (thanks to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation).